If you are like me and got home and searched all over the PSN store for the beta and found nothing there is hope. I found it. As usual they don't have anything posted about the how. Well here is how you find it and download it. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3: STEP 4:... Continue Reading →

When Do I Play BF4 Beta?

The Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta starts October 1st, with the Open Beta following on the 4th. If you’re wondering what time the beta will be available, or released, find out below: Note, click your respective platform’s time to find the equivalent time zone for your region. PC players can find out when exactly the beta is available... Continue Reading →

Battlefield 4 Beta Reminder

Just a reminder. For those who own a copy of Medal of Honor, Premium Membership and pre ordered BF4 will be able to play the beta October 1st. So if you can manage to stop playing GTA 5 for a minute and experience levolution.

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