Cardiff the Rogue Gamer

Recently one of the gamers here in the BVI went out to this beautiful country called Aruba. Now I had no idea that he took this vacation not just for sight seeing but to perfect his gaming skills. Talk about dedication. Who am I talking about but none other than the Rogue himself Cardiff. So... Continue Reading →

Cardiff The Fighter

This has to be the busiest man in the fighting community that I know. If he ain't mixing it up with the VGX crew he doing it real large on the online tournaments. Who am I talking about. The one and only Cardiff aka Craigbot. Gonna make a shirt for this man when he go... Continue Reading →

So I finally got a chance to chat with the fellow gamer that went to the VGX game tournament recently. Here is how it went.   How was the experience of the VXG games?   The overall experience of Caribbean Video X Games was just awesome, hype and memorable along with moments of ‘Dude, that... Continue Reading →

Cardiff aka King Leonadis

He went. He saw. He lost. But not by much. He represented the BVI with style and grace. I honor him among great men like King Leoniadas. Only difference is he didn't have 300 men with him. Nonetheless he went to the World renown Caribbean X Games. Where many of the neighboring Caribbean islands came together in... Continue Reading →

Cardiff VGX Games Update

The Lone solider dropped a post on facebook letting us know he is alive. Unfortunately he has not posted any pics with himself with any hot Gamer chick. Hopefully by the time he gets back we can get an interview with him and his experience. Here is what he had to say. "What's up, my BVI people? I... Continue Reading →

Cardiff the Lone Soldier

This brave young man. Trained in the DKO Arena has embarked on an incredible journey. To battle it out at the Caribbean Video X Games in St. Maarten. While the rest of us lick our wounds. Hopefully we can get the next trip around. Until then I wish my young gamer brother all the best... Continue Reading →

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