I try to understand what is going on so far with Doctor Who. When will they give me what I want. I want a reason to watch this. I want to be excited about this new companion. I feel no real connection with her as yet. I mean with Amy she had to grow on... Continue Reading →

So once again I have the honour of thanking my local internet provider for the blackout. Nonetheless I am back and popping. So Saturday we had a very interesting episode of Doctor Who. There wasn't a bad guy per say. He was just a very confused and dangerous alien from Mars. Now here is the... Continue Reading →

Ah yes. Saturday nights have become interesting once again. This episode of Doctor Who was a kind of a mix bag of nuts for me. I like the cocktail nuts and maybe the cashew nuts but there was a few other nuts in there that I could cared less about. We begin with the Doctor... Continue Reading →

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