Doctor Who New Companion

Hey Doctor Who fans I know you probably already saw the infamous trailer for the Doctor’s new companion...Pearl Mackie will join Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who in 2017. Who will be known as Bill. Here is the trailer. My opinion is the same. As long as it isn’t Clara Oswald I am good. Still not... Continue Reading →

No Doctor Who till 2017!

Fellow Whovians. I know much of us have heard the news. Steve Moffat is stepping down as the lead writer for the long running show Doctor who. Some are sad by the news. Well for me I am like ONLY NOW! Dude was running out of steam. I mean yes I know he did a... Continue Reading →

LOL this one going out to all the whovians out there. I am a total fan. So when I saw this I had to share it.

Ah yes. Saturday nights have become interesting once again. This episode of Doctor Who was a kind of a mix bag of nuts for me. I like the cocktail nuts and maybe the cashew nuts but there was a few other nuts in there that I could cared less about. We begin with the Doctor... Continue Reading →

Geronimo!!! Time to take a ride in the tardis once again. This time we have a new companion. Now I personally like her. Her name is Clara. I don't know if you remember her but she first appeared in the Daleks Asylum. That was a very interesting episode. I even knew from that episode she... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Returns!!!

Was watching BBC for no reason this morning and saw some chick singing. Then to my surprise at the bottom left hand corner a ticker counting down the time for a new Doctor Who episode!!! Finally the season premiere of the eleventh doctor is here. I mean so much questions unanswered since the last episode. You... Continue Reading →

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