One Piece 654 Review

This dude name Law. Ting got more energy than the energizer bunny! Just when you think this man is down and out he spring up like lazarus. So lets dig in this almost action filled episode. We begin with the sexy Nami-swan and friends on the Thousand Sunny. Totally owned that artist chick. Once again... Continue Reading →

One Piece 653 Review

Sit around kids Uncle Doflamingo have a story to tell! What a story. This episode was very interesting. We got a good run down on the rest of the crew. So gather around! So we see Law is still on his back. Doflamingo seem like the kind of villain who like to run his mouth.... Continue Reading →

One Piece 651 & 652 Review

Hello fellow One Piece fans. Giving ya double feature. After watching both episodes I soon realized it is all about Rebecca. Hated by the country loved by a few. Two touching episodes that would make you root for the under dog. Not to mention she is so SEXY! I wouldn't be mad at her at... Continue Reading →

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