Happy Birthday Pac-Man

Okay. One of the perks of being the Gaming Geek Goddess that is JOYE STYK, is that I have absolutely no need for humility of any form! My every day, not as awesome, secret regular identity, however lives in this daily bubble of modesty…except in MAY. May becomes an unabashed glorification of all things that... Continue Reading →

Cardiff the Rogue Gamer

Recently one of the gamers here in the BVI went out to this beautiful country called Aruba. Now I had no idea that he took this vacation not just for sight seeing but to perfect his gaming skills. Talk about dedication. Who am I talking about but none other than the Rogue himself Cardiff. So... Continue Reading →

VXG 2013 is in full effect. I am one happy camper. But we came to win and that seem to be on everyone's mind also. So to kick things off we all gathered to hear a special message from the CEO of VXG Rolando. One thing that I must say is that St. Maarten government... Continue Reading →

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