Google Evolved

I remember the first time using Google. It was a simple white screen with this funny word. Nothing fancy. Nothing that would make you talk much about it. It did one thing. Search. At that time there wasn't nothing spectacular about a search engine. What made it stand out was the simplicity of it. Google... Continue Reading →

Nexus 4

So as you know I am a Smart phone junkie. I will declare that I am not an iSheep. Sorry not one of those kind of people that will tell you buy an iPhone just because it is an iPhone. Not an Android Fanatic. What I do love is when a smart phone becomes an... Continue Reading →

Google Chromebook Review

So far this chromebook is everything I need for keeping organized both online and offline. It helps me become more productive by allowing me to sync seamless with all my devices. It didn't hurt that I own an Android phone. The real test will begin when  I start work. Offline So far the offline apps work without a... Continue Reading →

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