Naruto Not Gon Cry Shippuuden 382 Review

This was an emotional roller coaster episode. Yes sir I promised myself I won’t cry. Yet I couldn’t help myself but shed a man tear. So much passion…. Grab a tissue for some issues. So we have Obito standing high above watching everyone like cattle. Making everyone depress and sad. Telling everyone that fighting against... Continue Reading →

Naruto The Legend Shippuuden 368 Review

This was the most excellent episode concerning the past I have ever seen. This episode details in all it's epicness how deep friendship can go. Betrayal. Something that is normal for the shinobi. Hashirama knew this all to well. Ordered to betray his friend he chose not to. You can see the effect of war... Continue Reading →

Naruto Epic Childhood Shippuuden 367 Review

This was the history channel. How it all began. This right here is like the Adam and Eve for the Narutoverse. This is ground zero. So if you are thinking this isn't worth your time to watch then you are sorely mistaken. I have one word to describe this episode. Informativelyinterestinglyawesomeness. In this time era... Continue Reading →

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