Puerto Rico Comic Con

The Beautiful Joye Styk was live at Puerto Rico Comic Con. Just like many other Comic Con there is Cosplay, Guest Appearances, contests and booth babes..... From what I can gather Our lovely Gamer Geek Goddess Joye Styk noted that the Con itself is young. In terms of handling of lines seem to be a... Continue Reading →

It Pays to be “Free”

It’s been longer than I should care to admit since I have contributed to CaribGamer. A smarter blogger would choose a topic of such universal ‘epicness’ that none would doubt the reason for my return. Instead, I use a word that only exists on urban dictionary in my opening paragraph-with the intention of dropping that... Continue Reading →

Carib Gamer welcomes Joye Styk

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes you meet people along the way and things just click. I introduce Joye Styk. She is another author for caribgamers.com. She was with me in my early days with caribbeangamer.com. Interesting enough she is a gamer chick with a passion for anime. I know a combo that only a... Continue Reading →

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