Naruto Rally Shippuuden 383 Review

Ah yes the will of fire is strong in this episode. This was one big kumbaya episode. The only thing that was missing was someone playing a tambourine. So we have everyone getting all pumped up after seeing the heart and passion of Naruto’s will. Also we see  all the Kages getting on some of... Continue Reading →

Naruto Not Gon Cry Shippuuden 382 Review

This was an emotional roller coaster episode. Yes sir I promised myself I won’t cry. Yet I couldn’t help myself but shed a man tear. So much passion…. Grab a tissue for some issues. So we have Obito standing high above watching everyone like cattle. Making everyone depress and sad. Telling everyone that fighting against... Continue Reading →

Naruto Shippuuden 325 Review

This episode made me realize something…Naruto is a punk. This man just laid down and let these man punk him. Let me run it down. So we have the masked man talking big. Then we have the eight tails excited and pumped to bash some heads. Now I thought Naruto would have been on the... Continue Reading →

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