Naruto Bromance Shippuuden 400 Review

I can’t take it anymore…These fluff episdes just pushing me away. So anyway we back at the chunin exams. Rock Lee and Shira finally getting their “bonding” time. Rock Lee and his man crush really making it very weird. I can’t blame him. Both of them are the same. Can’t use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. Just... Continue Reading →

Happy Naruto Thursday!

So Today there is no new episode of Naruto. Episodes will resume in July. So take this time to check back some older episodes and reflect on some of what has transpired. For example the epic fail called Sasuke. He supposedly killed his brother ( We all know he died from TB ) then swore... Continue Reading →

Naruto Shippuuden Returns 2014!!

Hey my fellow Naruto Fans! I know you are probably wondering....where are my naruto episodes? Well no need to go hunting down torrents. Here is a sneak peak of the schedule for the January line up. It isn't much but at least you know when to check the Naruto Streams or Naruto Torrents for the... Continue Reading →

This episode was a pre run to the movie Road to Ninja. I won't lie this was an awesome episode. No I did not forget the last two episodes. I can sum those two episodes in two words. "No Regrets". Just like that I gave you the idea of those two very meaningless episodes. They... Continue Reading →

This episode had me thinking. Can we see the same deep heart throbbing love affair between Naruto, Hinata and Sakura. I can only dream. So we all know this episode was coming. This was basically an open shut case. So we have the past lovers being joined once again but not on the terms she... Continue Reading →

YES! YES! YES! I am so excited! Why you ask? Well for starters I was welcomed with a new intro! I love this intro more than any intro I have seen in a hot minute. They always show what we should be seeing for this particular run. I know that I am suppose to talk... Continue Reading →

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