Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata dead

On Saturday it was announced that Satoru Iwata passed away. Here is the Official statement from Nintendo: Satoru Iwata been having complication for a minute now. After having surgery he tweeted that he was getting better. Well it seem that he wasn't. Goes to show that no man know the hour when ya time is... Continue Reading →


Sorry for the gap in blogs. Had a flu and my wife had me on Vicks lockdown. Either way while I was in bed just resting I decided to watch Nintendo E3 event. I know I late but I thought they probably gonna bore me to death with games I could care less about. Was I... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct 4.1.2015

Did you miss watching the latest Nintendo Direct live? It had a ton of information about upcoming WiiU and 3DS games. Check it out full video right here!   00:00 Mewtwo Strikes Back 02:10 Super Smash Bros. Update 03:22 Lucas Comes Out of Nowhere 06:30 Super Smash Bros. amiibo 07:31 amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits 09:00 Mario... Continue Reading →

Nintendo E3 2014 Recap Vlog

I basically shared my view on the Nintendo E3 press event. I didn't mention Splatoon and Yoshi Yarn game. Seeing how this was in the heat of the moment and I was really bored from what they showed. Yeah it was ok. Most Nintendo fans will say it was a great showing. Those who don't... Continue Reading →

Nintendo E3 Media Event Review

Things ain't looking good for the camp of Nintendo. One thing I must commend them for is the sense of humor. They had between each segment a skit done by Robot Chicken. Check it out. Nintendo Fans please don't think I am not excited for the games they have coming for us. Just nothing there... Continue Reading →

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