Naruto Mecha Shippuuden 376 Review

Whats up my fellow Naruto fans! It is about that time for fillers! Don't fret! This isn't your regular filler. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game is available today. So with that many was asking about the origin of the character of Mecha Naruto. I myself after playing the demo I fell in love... Continue Reading →

Happy Naruto Thursday!

So Today there is no new episode of Naruto. Episodes will resume in July. So take this time to check back some older episodes and reflect on some of what has transpired. For example the epic fail called Sasuke. He supposedly killed his brother ( We all know he died from TB ) then swore... Continue Reading →

Naruto Hokage Shippuuden 366 Review

Well this episode had me rolling. The first Hokage was a comic. Just watching all of the past Hokage chatting it up was just priceless. Just watching the dynamics and power levels alone was just awesome. Not to mention how less these new shinobi ninja's are. Compared to these guys everyone else are watered down... Continue Reading →

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