PSN Plus May Update

I must admit I wasn't keeping up with the many free games that are on PSN Plus. Recently the boys over at Xbox pledged to give a free game every month or so. I think PSN Plus started something beautiful for the gamers. So what prompt me to write about this month in particular... Puppeteer... Continue Reading →

Gravity Rush Review

Hey my fellow PS Vita owners. I know we have been in a drought for a minute. I know the latest patch that allow us to play PS One games allowed us to play Final Fantasy 7. I stumbled upon this PS Vita exclusive game. I saw tons of reviews for this game and thought... Continue Reading →

PS Vita update 1.80

Aww yeah!! Finally. PS Vita owners get the update we been waiting for since the launch. Now I feel like I can play on my Vita now. This update brings along the PS One classics. One game in mind is Final Fantasy 7. I am a huge fan of that game. Can't wait to run this... Continue Reading →

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