PSN Plus & Xbox Live Free Games September

PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the critically-acclaimed adventure Journey for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and you can slash your way through demonic hordes in Lords of the Fallen for PlayStation 4. Also coming for the PlayStation 3 are Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura, while Badland will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Amnesia: Memories is... Continue Reading →

PSN Subscription Price Hike!

Sony has announced that it will be increasing the price of PlayStation Plus subscriptions in September 2016. News of this comes from an updated post on the PlayStation Blog, where the company revealed that on September 22nd it would be making changes to 12-month and 3-month Plus subscription prices, raising them by ten dollars and seven... Continue Reading →

PSN Plus May Update

I must admit I wasn't keeping up with the many free games that are on PSN Plus. Recently the boys over at Xbox pledged to give a free game every month or so. I think PSN Plus started something beautiful for the gamers. So what prompt me to write about this month in particular... Puppeteer... Continue Reading →

PSN Plus 2014 Preview

That is right folks! Make some space on your PSN hard drive! We got Bioshock Infinite and Devil may Cry coming your way! For some people who have no idea what games I am talking about check below to good old faithful Youtube. That is some good news for me. I always wanted to play... Continue Reading →

One Year Later PSN +

I know that the $50 I spent for PSN + was well worth it. I know that the controversy about digital games was the hot button on the web. I personally don't like digital games. Give me a disc any day. But Ruscle why you want to be stuck in the 80's. Well I know... Continue Reading →

  Tuesday. The one day of the week where we look forward from Sony. So what game is available for us June 18th 2013. Well the big game available to us is: Finally we get to play this insane sand box game. There is some other discounts also on some great games on PSN.... Continue Reading →


Just off the heals of E3 the boys over at Sony decided to give us something that would make any PSN member giggle with joy! I won't lie I am still playing Sleeping Dogs and still haven't played Deus EX. I always wanted LBP Karting. My friend Blake was always running that game red. Now... Continue Reading →

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