Naruto Gaiden Chapter 9 Review

What a ting! The family that pounds together stays together. So we picking up where we left off. Sakura was "supposedly" captured by Shin. The reason I say supposedly is because it look like Shin running for his life lol! While Shin was fighting Sakura he didn't see with all dem eyes on him the... Continue Reading →

Naruto Gaiden Chapter 8 Review

Another great read! I am telling you if you are not into the Narutoverse this Manga will definitly spark your interest. So we left off where Sarada finally know the truth about who her real mom is. Naruto who is now the Seventh Hokage got to deal with this little mess. Sarada is heart broken.... Continue Reading →

Naruto Gaiden Chapter 5 Review

AWWW Yeah the drama continues! Mommy coming to deal with little miss Sarada! Also some very interesting developments!! It looks like Sasuke is the new Black Anbu Ops. Doing Covert Hidden Leaf espionage. The very same thing his older brother Itachi had to do. Funny how things like that comes full circle. This time with his... Continue Reading →

Naruto Gaiden Chapter 4 Review

Naruto TURN UP!!!! Dude carrying the title “The Seventh” like a boss. Real talk I was hoping to see him mop the floor with this dude named Shin Uchiha. Just as when things bout to get real this little thing call him up from the fight. It got me wondering if this is another Uchiha... Continue Reading →

Naruto Rally Shippuuden 383 Review

Ah yes the will of fire is strong in this episode. This was one big kumbaya episode. The only thing that was missing was someone playing a tambourine. So we have everyone getting all pumped up after seeing the heart and passion of Naruto’s will. Also we see  all the Kages getting on some of... Continue Reading →

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