The Flash Episode 19 & 20 Review

What a roller coaster ride with these two episodes of the Flash. Not only do we have the drama of the Flash being normal but we also have the drama of the Flash struggling to fight crime without his speed. Let me start off with episode 19. This episode was just painful. Every minute I... Continue Reading →

Zoom VS Flash

I know most of my friends are hurting cause they missing that Flash episode. Well sit tight cause the showdown we been waiting for is coming. After all that has happened to Barry. He will finally know about Zoom. I told all my friends who he was and most thought I was speculating. Well here... Continue Reading →

Heroes Reborn 2015

This is the season of comic book TV shows. With that NBC is bringing back from the dead Heroes. Yes the show that ran constantly on G4. Don't get it twisted season one was in my opinion the best. Season two was barely digestible. Then Season three and four was pure cow turd. Thing went... Continue Reading →

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