Naruto Tournament @Versus

What a battle! Today Carib Gamer aka Ruscle participated in the first ever Naruto tournament 2014. I won't lie it was a stiff match up. Never have I seen so much players fighting for the number one spot. The very first match I had to get knocked to the losers bracket. That is right. The... Continue Reading →

MW3 Free for All @ Versus

Once again @ the most advance arcade in the BVI. The only place where gamers can call home. Versus Gamespot hosted a Free for all MW3 tournament. The event was a smash hit. We had $45 pot. $10 for the game and an extra $5 for the winner takes all pot. I joined in thinking... Continue Reading →

So you have heard me talk about this place called Versus. Well The owner gave me an exclusive tour before the grand opening Saturday April 13th 2013 3pm for the Gears of War Judgement Throwdown. Let me be clear. This place is not your average arcade room. This is a gamer doing an arcade room.... Continue Reading →

Didn't I tell you that Versus was coming back! Didn't I tell you they was coming back harder than Mr. Clean! Gears of War Judgement Throwdown!!! The last Throwdown was mad crazy! This time will be no exception! So tell all the Xbox gamers that it is time to once again to raise those lancers... Continue Reading →

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