VXG Meeting Update

I would like to thank all those that took the time to come to the first meeting in the BVI for the VXG 2013 games coming up in July 25th to the 28th. We were able to cover much ground. We have decided to get our tickets by the 15th of February. Just making sure... Continue Reading →

VXG 2013 meeting

So my fellow gamers tomorrow January 30th 2013 @ the government breeze way @ 1:00 pm I will be meeting with all those serious about going to the VXG games. I will be talking about the games at the tournament and also other important details. Such as tickets and rooms. We will try to hold... Continue Reading →

Video X Games Training info

So the time is ripe my fellow gamers. VXG 2013 is coming July 25th to the 28th. Don't be caught slipping at the last minute and go to this international event and get owned. So the time for practicing is now. I recently spoke with Cardiff about his experience with VXG 2012. To get a... Continue Reading →

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