Canada Fan Expo 2014 Review

Canada Fan Expo was an experience of a lifetime! Not only did we got a taste of Cosplay for the first time we also got many compliments from many of the attendees. The trip to Canada was very smooth. We received a warm welcome as we entered the country. One thing I must say about... Continue Reading →

TitanFall Review: done by a PS Fanboy

You read that title right. I am a PS fanboy reviewing Titanfall. Lets see if Titanfall can stand being put under the microscope! PROS Intense Matches Fluid Gameplay Insane Graphics Addictive and Extremely Fun CONS No Offline Mode No leaderboards I will be blunt. Any Sony Fanboy that is hating on this game need to... Continue Reading →

Get your Free DBZ Episodes Now!

So I was browsing around the Xbox One menu when I saw Vegetta looking all pissed. I thought to myself why would he be so mad. Then digging through the menu I realized the first season is free. Now why didn't someone tell me this. Cause we all know things are kind of scarce in... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham Knight

Holy CG orgasms! ALL ABOARD THE BATMAN HYPE TRAIN!! EPIC NERDGASM!!!! I so want to play this game. Especially on the next gen! I can only imagine the the sheer amount of content that will be in this game. Times like this bring tears to my eyes. Rocksteady if you was a woman I would... Continue Reading →

Donation to Carib Gamer

Here at Carib Gamer we give back to the community every chance we get. Not only do we talk and play video games we also mentor some youths. While playing some games we encourage the boys to do more than loaf on the block. We also donate some of our services for free. By going... Continue Reading →

If you look around the game sites you would see the mass of hate towards the Xbox One. Also the Sony Fan boys are out in masses with pitch forks screaming for the death of the Xbox One. While many others are genuinely concerned about the direction gaming is going. Especially with the DRM policy... Continue Reading →

Xbox One Event Carib Style

What do you know. While I was working the British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation decided to do an island wide power outage. Yep no electricity. Which meant I couldn't have seen the Xbox One reveal. So what was at this one hour event that had the internet at the edge of their seats. This very new... Continue Reading →

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