When you have 3 screens and games that make your spidey sense tingle you get a great gaming session. I have to admit the hassle of getting a 50 inch screen from point A to point B is very tiresome. It was well worth it. Many came out to get their game on. I was impressed with the turn out. Many walked by and decided to try a ting. It was good to see the Double KO guru master who sneaked in. Thanks to CCT Wifi network for the supplied internet. I was amazed by their speeds. Was able to play many great matches on BF3, MW3 and the all popular Black Ops.

What amazed me is the amount of people that wanted to play Black Ops. They preferred that over MW3. They enjoyed BF3 but still wanted to play Black Ops. Now I can see why they would default to Ops. Great Multiplayer options. Easy to pick up and beast out. I still like me some BF3. Playing it on a 50 inch screen made me go into beast mode easy. It is good to know that when Carib Gamer host an event and get this kind of support really made the work worth it all. Thanks to all who came out. Big up to my HTKU brothers. Earsrus, Bingie, Wayne, Blake, Timothy and the new noob of the bunch Kevon. Here is some pics that I was able to take. It is pretty hard to have time to be paparazzi. See you guys Saturday August 4th.