Nexus 4

So as you know I am a Smart phone junkie. I will declare that I am not an iSheep. Sorry not one of those kind of people that will tell you buy an iPhone just because it is an iPhone. Not an Android Fanatic. What I do love is when a smart phone becomes an extension of my life. What I USE TO LOVE ABOUT THE iPHONE was the simplicity of everything. The sad thing about the iPhone is for me I love Linux. I know there are work arounds to run windows on linux. But really I am not that dedicated to an iPhone to do that. Also I like to share common things to my friends. Like pictures via Bluetooth. Something as simple as that is complicated on an iPhone. Sorry I live in the British Virgin Islands. We just got 3G. So no emailing a picture to a friend who is standing right in front of me. So when my friend Roy aka the SF4 champion linked this video on Facebook I knew what I am getting for christmas!! here is the video done by the Verge getting a inside look on the Nexus line of products.

I don’t know about you but I am soooooo digging the Nexus 4 phone. I mean with software like that I can blog on the go with ease. Some people who already have been converted to iSheep will say hey it isn’t apple it must be baaaaaad. I am not an LG fan but they really put some thought into that phone. Trust me I was THIS CLOSE to buying the Lumia 900.

 Yes the Windows phone. I know Linux and this phone is not friends. At ALL. Just the hardware of that phone was sooooo sexy and appealing. But once again tied down to Zune. Just like the iPhone tied down to iTunes. Just so frustrating to give up my love for linux just to keep my phone happy. So Android was my best choice. But alas there was no real Smart Phone that tickled my geek bones. Until now. The Nexus 4 look promising. Also I know of the Samsung Note 2. Was tempted but the size scares me. Literally. Thing is huge. I know it a cross breed between a tablet and a phone. Just not my style. So if you was like me and love linux but want a phone to just sync with your life online with no wires and work on any OS. Then check out the Nexus 4. Since it is a Google brand you know you will get the newest OS updates first. Trust me I own the HTC One X and they still have no jelly bean update as I write this. So I know what I will be getting this Christmas!

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