Carib Gamer @ Willard Wheatley Primary School

I remember in my younger days we would have Fair Day at schools. These events were like the coolest thing ever. There was the Dance room. There was the food. Then there was the holy grail of rooms. The infamous Game Room. Now it was our honor to be the ones giving the future generation an opportunity to enjoy in this local tradition. I must admit they was very excited to see Carib Gamer in the building. I know I would be excited.

They literally mobbed me with money. I was overwhelmed but at the same time happy to see the future more excited to play games than be outside in the hot sun. Reality is so overrated. As you know Carib Gamer is dedicated to bring to the BVI gaming entertainment and news. We have a NBA Jam Tournament coming, We are planning to be at the High School Fair Day and any other event that needs our services. Hopefully Double KO would be ready for the Launch of Halo 4. We had an awesome time with the youths of Willard Wheatley. Till next time stay frosty!!

Wayne helping the young ones
I believe in the Future!


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