Naruto Shippuuden 319 review


Excellent Episode. I literally was engrossed in this episode. I always wanted to know more about Sasori. This episode was the best Fluarc (fluff but almost an arc episode) I have seen in a while.

The title says it all. The soul in the puppet. So at the get go you know this is gonna be about Granny Chiyo and Kankuro. Both are puppet masters. So we dive right in the heat of battle and things are looking bad for the samurais.

Getting on like a beast. Dem boy ain't stand a chance
Getting on like a beast. Dem boy ain’t stand a chance
Help I can't control myself!!
Help I can’t control myself!!

Then is when Kankuro steps in. Knowing that Granny Chiyo would be able to use the samurais as puppets he took charge. One thing I must say is that even though granny is reanimated she fight like she’s a teenager. Not to mention her mouth hot. Got my boy Kankuro like a chump. So when she pull out the big guns and you think he is about to get pwn BAM!!!

Like a Boss.
Like a Boss.

Her eyes dem light up like a christmas tree. Which brings us to the back story of Sasori. This is a sad story. Boy had a happy life. One with a future bright like the sunshine. Then comes the dark clouds. To rain on his parade. Granny Chiyo was suppose to tell him that his parents died but like a punk she didn’t. To be honest she was always acting so hardcore but couldn’t come to grips in telling her own grand child the truth. Which brings us to the awkward moment. You know like the moment your mom walks in on you when you are “busy” but instead we have a boy missing his parents deeply. I won’t lie I almost felt something move in my heart.

All he wanted is love. That is all.
All he wanted is love. That is all.

As he was bonding with his fake parents he saw Granny Chiyo scooping him. It was almost like he knew when he saw her that they were dead. That  is when everything changed. His heart that was searching for love was filled with hate. I think also the false hope of defeating death with his puppets. I know most times this is how a villain is born but I think if Granny Chiyo just came to him when he needed her this young man could of been like any normal kid. But instead we get the spawn of chucky. Naruto style!

Now tell me if he don't look like an anime version of chucky right there..
Now tell me if he don’t look like an anime version of chucky right there..

As he grows up he becomes obsessed and alone. He has only one friend and don’t speak much. He seems to be the kind of person you can depend on. Always gets his work done. I mean he is alone with no family and hatred is his guide in life. So without the distractions of life he has lots of time to work on evil jutsu. So as the story progressed which I will let you see for your self his friend was injured and being the great pal he is he fixed up his friend’s arm. Literally he is like the Dr. House in his time. Get rid of the book of medicine and lets get crazy and give him a puppet arm. You know what lets kick it up a notch and lets give him a blade in it to. Bazinga!

Yeah look at me granny! Go Go gadget knife!!
Yeah look at me granny! Go Go gadget knife!!

So rushing along his friend Komushi dies of poison. He ate it for some odd reason. I think Sasori made him eat it so he can make him a puppet. Yeah he evil like that. So he made Komushi into a puppet. Not sure if he was a puppet with a soul or a beta test for the real thing but Granny Chiyo realized what he was doing. It was already to late. He done crossed over to the dark side.

Clouded by the darkside he is
Clouded by the darkside he is..

So with that back story coming to a close we have the heart to heart conversation between Granny and Kankuro. I here thinking she would disappear finally getting closure from this story and be on our way.

Granny drop on the ground.
Granny drops on the ground.
Kamkuro runs to granny in hopes to see her go
Kankuro runs to granny in hopes to see her go
One hard slap granny would of get for that..
One hard slap granny would of get for that..

This why I love Naruto. Never a dull moment. Just like that she got a change of heart and decided to teach him first hand her secret techniques. I mean it may not be the way he intended it but at least he getting something. All in all I really enjoyed this episode. I guess they are warming us up for the real ting soon. I hope so but I until then we just have to keep looking forward to every thursday for another great Naruto episode. So till next time stay frosty!

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