Weapon Attachment Review BF4


Today is Battlefield day. Don’t ask me why but I just feel like it. DooM49 uploaded a very informative video about what we should be expecting with the weapon attachments in Battlefield 4.

The game is shaping up to be one hell of a game. I am just glad to see it being part of the EGL (Electronic Gaming League). Also some word on the spotting. I saw this one right here at http://pixelenemy.com/battlefield-4-on-ps4-spotting-done-via-r1-button-dice-said-to-offer-alternate-trigger-scheme-to-l2r2/ check it out.

Just yesterday, we talked about how Battlefield 4 is taking advantage of the PS4′s DualShock 4′s touchpad, and tilt sensors.

Now, we also know which button will be used to “spot” enemies, which button knife takedowns have been switched to and more.

Over on Reddit, eSports commentator and BF4 live-stream host GoldenboyFTW (Alex Mendez) has divulged a few BF4 details from his hands-on with the PS4 version at gamescom.

First off, he mentions how R1 is now used to spot, which readers using controllers on PC will be familiar with. While holding the R1 button is known to bring up a radial menu (commorose on console), tapping it will “spot” enemies.

I had a chance to play the PS4 version at Gamescom and spotting is done with R1 for sure. Oh and it plays wonderfully!

Of course, seeing as R1 will be used for spotting/radial menu, and the R2 trigger is now being used to fire your gun, where does this leave the knife button? Well, it seems it’s either going to be mapped to the circle button or by pushing in R3 (which was used to crouch and go prone). Here’s Mendez’s response:

It was either circle or pushing in the R3 button.

I know what you’re thinking; if knife takedowns are using the circle or R3 button, where does that leave the “use” and “prone” inputs? Sadly, that’s not clear for now. However, there is a silver-lining for those who cringed when DICE revealed that aiming down sight and firing will be relegated to the L2/R2 buttons instead of the PS3′s L1/R1 configuration.

According to Mendez, DICE will be offering an “alternate” control scheme, though he mentions using L2 and R2 are “very comfortable.”

You will feel very comfortable with it BUT they said they are providing the alternate version.

Well, there you go. Hopefully, offering an alternate control method should make Battlefield console vets feel right at home straightaway.

For more on BF4, make sure to read up on how DICE won’t be making yearly iterations of the franchise, the complete weapon camos detailed, and how the final base game will have 7 game modes across 10 multiplayer maps.

Thanks, Jonathan Mejia

I am loving the feedback from pro gamers about how the game will feel. I am already drooling from all this info. I can’t wait to jump on and get a feel for myself. I just hope the beta coming in October don’t have me falling through the floor…

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