Donation to Carib Gamer


Here at Carib Gamer we give back to the community every chance we get. Not only do we talk and play video games we also mentor some youths. While playing some games we encourage the boys to do more than loaf on the block. We also donate some of our services for free. By going to the schools and providing a clean competitive atmosphere while playing the latest games.
For the year of 2013 we had a goal in mind. To establish ourselves in the Caribbean as the hub for all things gaming and entertainment. We exceeded our expectations and now we are recognized as a voice for the gamers in the Caribbean.
February 20th, 2014 I was approached by a business that want to be aynonmous for business related reasons donated a Xbox One for Carib Gamer.




I would like to publicly say thank you. They were very happy to donate the Xbox One system after they saw how diligent we were at Christmas on Main street 2013. Many businesses don’t practice good customer appreciation but we strive to be both professional and humble when it comes to providing good old fashion gaming.
So looking ahead we will continue giving back to the community and providing a hub for the gamers in the Caribbean. Till later stay frosty!

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