Where are my One Piece Fans! This summer Gomu Gomu awesome game is coming! Now I know the average person had no idea of this game. I been following it for a minute. This will be the next hottest game to grace my PS Vita. Interesting enough no love for the Xbox 360. Much love for the Nintendo. Color me intrigued. They opt to build the game for the Nintendo over the Xbox 360.

One Piece fans every where will be drooling over this game once it is released. Now this is another funny thing. It will be releasing in June first in Europe and Australia. Then in July in America. There will be two versions that the Europeans will be able to get.  The Straw Hat Day 1 edition and the Chopper Edition.

The Straw Hat Day 1 Edition includes the game, 10 outfits, and the Flame Fist and Straw Hat quest. The Chopper Edition comes with the Day 1 edition contents, the Takoyaki DLC Pack, an artbook, a Chopper key holder, 10 stickers, a wall scroll and lanyard featuring Chopper. So June 27th 2014 will drop first in Europe and in America it is releasing sometime in July 2014.

A chance to play as Ace and Trafalgar Law….would be epic! So expect this game to be one of the games you buy this summer!