Someone slap me. Please. Naruto gonna chat the man to death. Jah man. Well lucky for us this seem to be the end of the Obito  therapy session.

Yeah that was creepy lol
Yeah that was creepy lol

So we have the tug of war session still going on. We have Naruto trying to get the man to move from the dark side to the way of the Jedi. Basically the same thing he did to Nagato. Overwhelm him with epic nagging justu. What had me rolling was when Naruto seem to be doing a genjutsu on Obito. Yeah it could of been because he was in his mind that he could manipulate what he saw but it was pretty intense seeing Naruto all up in his head. Had the man double guessing his own ideals. Finally everyone know what Obito’s true intention was. To bring back Rin. He finally admitted to being pussy whipped. This whole war break out because of Rin. Sad right.

So this is how it feels to be the side ting...
So this is how it feels to be the side ting…

So after the nagging session they finally pulled out all the tailed beasts. Obito falls to the ground. He is no longer a Ten Tails Jinchurki. Then douchebag Sasuke was quick to kill him. Don’t get me wrong. I want Obito dead like the other guy but not by Sasuke hands. He doesn’t deserve to die by his hands. Then what do you know look who pops out of the comfort zone!!


Kakashi punk ram. After Naruto and Sasuke do all the hard work he want to finish the job. Meson this man need licks! Then another twist! Minato pop in one time to stop Kakashi. Then the talking begin. Oh GOSH!! Just kill the man already!! He killed countless ninjas! Just kill him and move on….geez… Either way they gone after Madara. Now I know he ain’t gonna be swayed with the Nagging Jutsu. He is a real bad man.

One Down...Madara we coming for you!!
One Down…Madara we coming for you!!

So just to sum things up Obito on he back, Kakashi back from his vacation and Naruto nags like his mother. Oh can’t forget The Tail beast dem chilling now. The next episode it look like Dr. Phil coming back for Gaara. Sigh I think I am gonna need therapy if they keep this up. Well till the next time Stay Frosty!