Yes. After playing the three game modes that was available to us I came to my conclusion. Keep in mind I know this was a beta and I am not going to gripe on graphics or any other technical issues. Just going to give my take on the gaming experience. So did I enjoy myself?

7 million downloads. That is 7 million potential gamers who tasted the game and may potentially buy the new franchise from Battlefield. So let start.

1. Was it fun?
Not really. Mind you I love me some Battlefield. I prefer that over Call of Duty any day. I love the way it feels. Nothing can replace the excitement I get from play Battlefield. Now that they fixed BF4 I fell in love all over again. Now let me say this. Anyone who loves to play Grand Theft Auto will love HardLine. It was like BF and GTA had sex and gave birth to Hardline. The way the animations feel made me think about GTA. I mean with all the cursing and thumping music while driving the “getaway car” made think about it.

Which brings me to me biggest gripe. The beta didn’t have any hardcore modes. So basically we was left to play in normal mode. Sigh… felt like I was shooting rubber bullets. Literally would empty two clips in a guy to take him down. One clip if I aim for the head. Just maybe I am accustomed to hardcore modes. Either way it didn’t feel like BF. More like COD. The pace is much faster-ish. I guess Hardline trying to bridge the gap between COD and BF players.

2. What about the game modes?
Yeah not a fan. The one that I played the most was Conquest. There was a Heist Mode. Sigh….it is fun when playing with people who actually know what they are doing. Again the make or break of this game holds true to the real BF vets. I noticed many COD drones who know nothing about objectives mindlessly running around giving out positions and shooting anything that winks at you. Then because it is running in normal mode the map is active which makes sniping dumb. For example two shots needed to kill. One for the head but we all know sometimes “hit markers” lie in betas. All in all they played very well once in a good team of players and proved to be fun.

3.What did you hate about BF Hardline?
There were many things but the one thing that had me grinding my teeth was the buying of guns. Yes just like Black Ops we are reduced to buying guns after unlocking them. Wait not finished yet. Each faction have a different type of guns. For example the engineer class for the cops have the MP5. The robbers have M5K. Each reacts differently. So if you are like me who enjoys playing with “the gun” would have to wait until the game cycles you to your favorite faction. So for example I bought some new sights for my MP5. Was ready to use it. Oh no you are a robber now. Oh wait my money is gone. So I spent a whole game playing a robber which I bought some new sights with the cop faction……sigh

Match making with my friend was painful. Many times the game froze but it was a beta. Hopefully they fix that in the main build so I won’t strike that against them. What I can say is giving us the option to play your favorite faction would be a plus. Maybe I like killing robbers. Maybe I like the guns and gadgets for the cops over the robbers. Give me the choice. That is why I like BF4. No matter if I am russian or US marine my guns remain the same.

4. So are you buying it?
Hell no. I will wait for a sale or something. The game didn’t hook me like Destiny. Yes I said it. Destiny may be a repetative turd to many. Yet no one can say that the gun play in that game isn’t something near awesome. BF4 after months of being fixed and put on sale for $20 I went back to it on next Gen. The thing is this game had to go back on the drawing board because it sucked major balls. Right now I am the far end of the fence with this game. Looking at it I am thinking is it worth it. I rememeber playing Medal of Honor Multiplayer and had that bad taste in my mouth. This taste the same. Will keep my eye on it but if you love GTA buy it. If you don’t play GTA like me then think long and hard first. May change after the beta. They listened to the gamers so I think they will keep fixing and tweaking the game. Which is a good thing. I might jump on then.