Sorry for the gap in blogs. Had a flu and my wife had me on Vicks lockdown. Either way while I was in bed just resting I decided to watch Nintendo E3 event. I know I late but I thought they probably gonna bore me to death with games I could care less about. Was I wrong.

Nintendo is so out of touch with the fans I am convinced they in dem own world. One of the best franchises (in my opinion) got butchered. Metroid. That is right. They announced a new 3DS game called Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Here is the E3 clip:

Pure utter garbage. I mean seriously Nintendo… WHY? Why take one of the most treasured franchise and filth on it. Sigh…. I remember an E3 when the Wii U was announced that they would have tons of third party support. Now look at the Wii U. A ghost town of a console. Right now Nintendo is working on NX. Don’t know what that will be but I guarantee if this console flop Nintendo is dead. I don’t care how much money dem had saved up from the Wii. Ain’t nobody gonna buy a “Next Gen” console that isn’t even up to par with the current gen.


Starfox is making a return. But to be honest I wasn’t even excited to see it. Maybe because Nintendo haven’t had an exciting release in a while. Oh wait there was Smash Bros. Which in my opinion was the only game in years. Then they added functionality with the Skylander game using Amiibo. Sigh Nintendo….. I want to believe. My nostalgia wants me to keep the hope alive. Yet I know there will be nothing there to keep the fire burning.

After seeing the reaction of almost everyone who saw the same Nintendo 2015 E3 event I can say without a shadow of doubt the gamers have lost any shed of hope they had for the Wii U. I wonder what’s NX?

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