Black Ops 3 Beta Review

The verdict is in! After running it all night and most of Saturday I have one thing to say. Call of Duty showing it age. No matter how much you change the core mechanics remain the same. Anyone who is familiar with Black Ops 2 will feel right at home. Don’t let the new coat of paint fool ya. This is Black Ops 2 with a new engine. Even the pick ten is back. Now you have different classes with perks…..hmm wait where have I seen that…OH YEAH FREAKING DESTINY!

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta_20150821200650

Come on Call of Duty… y’all keep doing this nonsense. Stealing ideas and not using nothing original. Either way they pull it off somewhat. Running on walls. Titanfall. Thruster jump. Titanfall. Special powers. Destiny. It is like they was sitting down and thought how can we make this more call of duty-ish.

In game data stats of network is a nice touch
In game data stats of network is a nice touch


So how does the game feel? It feels good WHEN YOU AREN’T LAGGING! I know it is a beta but sometimes while playing I feel like my bullets are made of rubber and do no damage. Then when I see the kill cam guess what…. was shooting practically nothing. Ah yes the joy of Call of Duty. Other than that I can see this game being a good run for a minute. I won’t lie the sliding and wall running is smooth. Pulled off some good kills with that. The different classes adds a RPG like feel to it. Hmmm Destiny comes to mind.

So if you are thinking about getting this game I say get it. Especially if you done off the Destiny high and love Call of Duty games. This here is gonna fill that void. If you are like me and couldn’t wait to play a Battlefield game to get that bad taste of duty out your mouth then wait on the fence my friend. I am a FPS whore so I will get it and run it red. I played Call of Duty Advance Warfare. Didn’t enjoyed it. Will see if Black Ops 3 will keep my interest for a while.

So you know the VI man dem had to get on youtube and upload their greatest matches. So starting off I got my boy T-Roy Teelucksingh. He sent me a link of his best gameplay. Now he plays Black Ops on a regular. I won’t lie it was very impressive work.

T-Roy Teelucksingh:

T-Roy Teelucksingh

Then up for the gameplay impressions we got the one and only Poncheezy from the clu7ch clan. I think he is another COD fanboy. Watch this at your own warning. It have some cursing in it. But he share his gameplay impression coming from a COD fanboy…





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