New Year. New Carib Gamers.


What a year 2015 was! Traveling to events and even holding our own events. We made new friends and even gain a few haters. Yet one thing remained the same. The love for the culture. The website name change was a huge hit. Yet you guys stayed with us and I am thankful. I know things been scarce for a while but we had to get some things in order and I am proud to say moving forward in 2016 will be EPIC!



Every year we are apart of a Block Party in my neighborhood at Long Look. Starting the year right! Gaming with the youth is something we at Carib Gamers enjoy doing. They was literally waiting while we set up. I found that if you run game they will come.


We had DJ Bertrum on the one’s and two’s ripping up the place with real bad man tunes. I won’t lie when he played the Batman theme I nearly do a two step.

Ruscle & Joye Styk.... Blake was M.I.A lol
Ruscle & Joye Styk…. Blake was M.I.A lol

This year for 2016 Carib Gamers will be stronger than ever. We will be pumping out reviews and vlogs. Keeping you guys in the loop in everything geek and gaming. After the experience with the trip to New York Comic Con and Canada Fan Expo you can expect epic Cosplay!

Keep in the loop on our Facebook Page Carib Gamers and also plug in to the Facebook community page Carib Gamer Network.With all the movies, comics, anime, manga, tech, cosplay, events and games coming in 2016 you can’t afford not to miss out on any of it. Keep it locked and Happy New Year and Stay Frosty!!!

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