Battlefield 1 Reveal Breakdown

Those were the words that came out my mouth after that reveal. Not like what we had for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare reveal. They did everything right. So lets go down the list of things we can expect from the game.


That is right people. While Call of Duty Infinite Warfare taking us in the future BF1 is taking us back. I won’t lie that right there is genius. While everyone is ripping ideas from the original makers of Call of Duty 4 who made Titanfall with their style of gameplay. We have the tried and true “rock, paper, scissors” gameplay Battlefield has always given us. It all boils down to skill. For example here is a clip the international Badman did recently in hot game of Battlefield 4:

These is the type of experience they want to have in Battlefield. Which I can see from the reveal this will be an epic battle!

64 TEAM BATTLES – 32 VS 32


Aw yeah the staple epic battles on giant maps are back. To go along with these large scale battles will be larger than life vehicles. Tanks are confirmed. In the trailer we saw a huge blimp. We also saw a battleship. Now I am not sure if is confirmed or what but there is horses. So best believe that it will be in the game.


Battlefield had times when the campaign was just an after thought. To be honest Battlefield Bad Company had the best campaign in the series. I don’t think jumping from one character to the next is such a good idea. I will have to see how this will be done. A story without emotional attachment tends to be the downfall of most single player modes.

XBOX ONE & PC FIRST52016_1_battlefield-1-coming-first-xbox-one-via-ea-access_full

That is right PS4 owners. Battlefield 1 will be home to Microsoft first. So expect DLC and other perks to be on the Xbox and PC first. It will be interesting to see which console everyone will be buying it for despite the exclusive rights. Also if you are on EA Access you will be able to play it much earlier. There is also a beta coming up and signing up for Battlefield Insider which gives you access to that and other info for the game.


This is gonna be interesting. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be coming out in November and Battlefield 1 will be coming out in October. Clearly it will be another battle of the titans. While checking YouTube it is clear that gamers and fanboys are voicing their opinions. Especially against Call of Duty. I won’t lie I am not feeling the new Call of Duty. Most of my friends love the call of duty franchise and will play it anyway. While some are not even moved by the game at all. Then you have the split down the middle with Battlefield. Do I want to play another World War game with old weapons? Then you have those who want to play World War scenarios. Quote “Shovel to the face!”


The reveal for Battlefield did everything right. Gave us info about the game and had real gamers asking questions about the game. Call of Duty didn’t wow me at all. They filled the slot time with butt kissing and useless info. In the coming months we will see how both games shape up. We all know the real test will be the multiplayer. Right now the road to a million likes for Battlefield and a million dislikes for Call of Duty is real. Check the comments..

Deadpool comment

I couldn’t make this stuff up…. check this out…

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.57.15 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.43.13 PM

So there you have it…. more people hate Call of Duty trailer. This could mean nothing. Just angry fanboys doing what they do best. Trolling and this doesn’t speak for everyone. Although it is funny and reminds me that gamers don’t forget and it seem they want to remind Infinity Ward of this.

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