That is right fellow Pokemon trainers. The buzz for this game is insane! Although a rough start for many players (especially those not in the United States, Austraila and New Zealand) been experiencing difficulties. Well this update is here to change all of that.

As you can see this update is gonna fix many issues plaguing the game. Especially the All Acess for your google account. Personally I am yet to catch a second Pokemon. Ting rough out here in the British Virgin Islands. Many gamers even those in the USVI still haven’t been able to get any Pokemon. I am wondering if that international release will include other countries. Right now Nintendo stock is up and the internet is going mad with Pokemon memes and references. Pokemon Go even surpassed tinder as the most downloaded app. I guess people rather catch em all than date.

The Update for Android haven’t gone live as yet but it will be there shortly. So get updating. I already updated and still no Pokemon for me 😓. Either way I won’t delete the app just yet. I know there must be a way around this!